Stake on Mainnet and Earn Points on Mission Hub

Stake on Mainnet and Earn Points on Mission Hub

Now, there’s a way to boost your Mission Hub points while staking! Simply start staking your MATIC on Polygon and Ethereum mainnet with ClayStack and start accumulating points.

When you stake your tokens on mainnet, you get staking rewards and you also **earn Mission Hub points for staking! Double the benefit, right? Get the sustainability of staking rewards and boost your score on Mission Hub.

Here’s a simple guide on the rules for accumulating these points and some strategies for maximizing your points collection.

Accumulating points with csMATIC

You need at least 100 csMATIC to collect points.

For every MATIC that you stake, you get csMATIC. Stake as much MATIC as is required to collect 100 csMATIC within a given week to be eligible to collect points. Once you do accumulate 100 csMATIC in your wallet, you will receive 100 points.

If you increase your stake to accumulate more csMATIC, then you get more points. These points will increase exponentially until you’ve accumulated 10,000 csMATIC for which you get 200% points! Thus, for 10,000 csMATIC you will get 20,000 points.

The maximum number of points that you can accumulate is 40,000 if you have accumulated 1M csMATIC. This is done to ensure that the points system is kept fair for all users. Even if a user accumulates 10M worth of csMATIC, they will get 40,000 points.

Vesting period

Remember that the vesting period for your collected points is 1 year. If you hold your csMATIC in your wallet for the entire year, then you get 100% of the points you’ve accumulated. If you unstake your MATIC and withdraw, then you’ll get as many points as are proportional to the time you held your csMATIC.

For instance, if you unstake after 1 month of accumulating points, then you’ll only get one month’s worth of points because the vesting period is 1 year. So, if you have accumulated 200 points in that month, then you will only get 200/12 = 16.66 points.

If you unstake within just a week after depositing, then your points can get negative. Remember to complete other missions too to ensure you’re getting consistent points!

Start accumulating these points today! Head to and begin staking!