Season 2 Ambassadors’ Program Starts In...⏱️

Season 2 Ambassadors’ Program Starts In…

Excited about Season 2 of the ClayStack Ambassador Program?

We definitely are! And we’re sure that the adventures and missions in this program are going to be hella fun for ALL our ambassadors! 😎

Interested in reading about the secrets that Season 2 holds? Read on!

ClayStack Season 2 Ambassador Structure

We proudly like to call ourselves ClayClan, comprising of the entire community from our ambassadors to all the members. When we were initially building ClayClan, we were looking for settlers who understood what ClayStack is, what values it embodies, and most importantly, the problems it solves.

Post our discussions with our Season 1 ambassadors, we decide to concretize the structure for Season 2. The salient features of this season are:

  • It has four unique roles for all types of ambassadors.
  • It has an enticing rewards system so our ambassadors get rewarded for their contributions.
  • It has a Council that makes crucial decisions for the program.
  • All ambassadors have the liberty to vote in/out the Council members, as needed.

This season will last for 2 months post which there will be a break of a week before the fresh season begins. Let’s explore how Season 2 program is structured differently.


Victorians are the great explorers, the inventors, and they lead ClayClan from the FRONT!

They are at the top of the hierarchy in ClayClan and are part of the Council. The Council is the head of ClayClan and is comprised of a group of six ambassadors who have been selected based on their overall contribution in Season 1 and their expertise in various fields.

They oversee and manage the entire ambassador program from providing guidance to other ambassadors to hosting discussions/AMAs, refining content, and much more.

Victorians are voted in/out by the ambassadors

All ambassadors can decide through a vote who should be voted-in to the Council and who should be voted-out. If a Council Member is indeed voted out, then eligible ambassadors will be able to apply and all the ambassadors will be able to vote based on the Borda Count Voting System.


Malawians are dedicated, driven, and experts at whatever they do. They champion the vision set by the Victorians and help manage and expand ClayClan.

Malawians trace their history from Season 1 and hold either of four positions in the program, with each having a predefined role. All Malawians have the liberty to choose which position they want to contribute to and assume their responsibilities accordingly.

The Positions range from Community (where ambassadors can host AMAs, community calls or run contests for ClayClanDAO Twitter), Quality Control (help vet the content created by the community), Recruitment (help add more ambassadors to the team), and Support (resolve issues with current ambassadors and collect feedback).

Taymyrians and Onegians

Taymyrians and Onegians are quick-witted, smart, and very eager to learn!

These are the new ambassadors that have been onboarded into the ClayStack Ambassador Program in Season 2. We have recruited over 200 ambassadors for these two roles.

All new ambassadors are automatically Taymyrians. They must prove themselves to get promoted to Onegians.

Types of tasks and Bonuses

All ambassadors will have a chance to complete a variety of different tasks from creating a one-page comic book on ClayStack, to hosting AMAs, creating a bot for Discord/Telegram, and so on.

All our ambassadors who show their true dedication towards ClayClan will be rewarded. We have decided to add bonuses on top of each ambassador's cap so they can earn more rewards! 😎

We are giving out bonuses to all our ambassadors for their dedication but we will be looking out for some unique factors.

What makes ClayClan Unique

ClayClan adheres to a simple yet powerful lets-build-and-grow-together culture. We want to foster a community that looks out for its members, gives prompt feedback on the product, understands why it’s there, and helps promote and continuously expand it. True to our core principles, we aim to transition to a DAO. And you, are not just a helping hand. You are a fellow builder.

If you are a Taymyrian, prove how valuable you are to the community and you’ll get promoted to an Onegian!

If you are an Onegian, then you must show your commitment to ClayClan and follow Malawian’s lead to make the jump!

If you are a Malawian, then you are bound to help Victorians in managing the community well. You are responsible for both members and fellow ambassadors. Take good care of them!

If you are a Victorian, make sure ClayClan’s objectives are aligned with that of ClayStack. Your job is to look out for EVERYONE in the community!

What’s next

We’ll be sending out emails to all those selected for Season 2. Be on the lookout for these emails.

And remember, if you are not yet an ambassador then all you have to do is dedicate yourself to ClayClan! Show that you really care about it and you might just get HANDPICKED!

Get ready...for an exciting new world of missions, adventures, craziness and delightful fun!