Get your spot on the ClayStack Whitelist!

Get your spot on the ClayStack Whitelist!

Are you ready to be a part of something revolutionary? 🤩

ClayStack is launching a cutting-edge Exchange for liquid-staked assets, and you can be one of the first to test it out! 👀

However, access to the initial testnet is limited to those who can gain entry to the Whitelist. Don't miss your chance to be a part of history in the making. ClayStack__❔__Exchange is coming. Be one of the first to get a backdoor entry to use it and its exciting features…before it’s even rolled out into the market!

To all our ambassadors and long-term contributors, your Mission Hub (MH) points and/or Diamonds will help you gain quick access to the whitelist.

In this blog, we’ll detail all instructions on how you can join this whitelist. Let’s dive in!

The Game

Those who have been with us since the inception of ClayStack must fondly remember the Malawi game. And this time, the history is repeating itself as we’ve got a similar game that users play to gain access to the whitelist! 😍

The game's objective is simple: collect all 4 NFTs to access the final ClayStack Elysium NFT. Use the ClayStack Elysium NFT to reserve your spot on the whitelist.

Here are the step-wise instructions to play the Game.

Step 1: Access the Game

Head over to Exchange on Claim your collection. These are randomized items, so you might get the NFT that you’re looking for, Mission Hub points, or even nothing!

Step 2: Keep claiming your Mystery boxes to collect all 4 NFTs

The key is to keep coming back to collect all 4 NFTs, which are ClayStack Ale, ClayStack Terrane, ClayStack Inferno, and ClayStack Zephyr.

PS: If you get a repeat NFT of the one you’ve already collected, you can trade it with someone on Discord/Telegram.

Step 3: Claim your Elysium NFT

Once you’ve collected all the NFTs, burn the entire collection to claim your Elysium NFT!

You’ll need your Elysium NFT to reserve your spot on the whitelist. And in the future, it might grant you some special powers as well, so keep it safe 😉


  • Only 100 people will be allowed entry to the whitelist per week. This number will change weekly.
  • All those who collect all the 4 NFTs must burn them all to get their Elysium NFT to gain access to the whitelist.
  • Whoever’s got a greater number of Mission Hub points and/or Diamonds will have a higher (and quicker!) chance of getting into the whitelist.
  • If you’re an ambassador and have been contributing actively to the protocol, this is where you can exploit your points to gain quick access!
  • Depending on the number of your MH points and/or Diamonds, you will get a chance to reclaim every 4 to 8 hours.
  • Each mystery package can be the NFT card you’re looking for or it can just be Mission Hub points. If you get a card that you have already collected before, trade it with someone on Discord/Telegram!

Unleashing the game NOW!

The objective of the game is to have fun while gaining backdoor entry to the whitelist! If you don’t get the NFTs you want in the mystery box, then trade what you get with fellow users on Discord and/or Telegram.

Finish collecting all the NFTs quickly so you can gain access to the whitelist!

Play now: