Exciting Updates on Mission Hub!

Exciting Updates on Mission Hub!

Mission Hub - for ClayStack - is a platform where all the community members have a chance to learn about liquid staking, interact with the community and utilize the ClayStack app through exciting missions. To make the platform more engaging, we have decided to revise the previous points system and introduce exciting new missions.

Read on to know more.

Introducing Diamonds

The growth of the protocol along with the growth of the community is paramount to us. To ensure that we are achieving both, from June 19th we are introducing Diamonds that will be rewarded to mainnet stakers. Mission Hub points awarded upon mainnet staking will be reduced to ensure that all our users (who either engage in community-related tasks, help in testing the product, and/or stake on mainnet or do all!) are rewarded adequately for their effort. Now, if you stake a minimum 100 csMATIC in a week, points will be reduced to 50 and the maximum points on any week will be capped at 5,000 (previously it was 40,000).

Mainnet stakers will be rewarded instead mostly in Diamonds, and their support for the protocol will still be reflected in these points. For every 100 csMATIC that you have in your wallet each week, you get 1 Diamond. For instance, let’s say that you hold 100 csMATIC in your wallet for six weeks. In that case, you will get six Diamonds. Since there is no vesting period for these Diamonds, you will get them each week. Naturally, the more you stake the more diamonds you will get.

You can also collect Diamonds by completing missions that are related to mainnet staking. Be on the lookout for such missions on Mission Hub!

About the streak

The streak is a way to earn even more points. If you engage weekly with the platform, some missions will allow you to increase and keep your streak. Not all missions count towards the weekly streak, thus ensure you complete at least one eligible mission every week to maintain it. Losing your streak removes your multiplier on all previous points. Remember that daily missions count towards the streak only until June 15th.


Do I lose Diamonds when I unstake?

No, you get 1 Diamond per week for every 100 csMATIC that you hold in your wallet. When you unstake, you will still have your Diamonds. Note that points and diamonds are accounted at the end of the week. If you stake on Monday and unstake on Tuesday, you will not receive Diamonds.

What do these Diamonds represent?

Diamonds are a new points-scoring system for all users in relation to mainnet staking. Missions that have both community engagement and mainnet staking will give you both points and diamonds.

Which missions will have MH points?

All missions in the Mission Hub will have MH points, and the missions that have higher community engagement will have higher points as rewards.

What about the points that I collected previously by doing the missions?

The points that you earned prior to this announcement will not be affected. Those mainnet staking points will work according to the previous system, i.e. you are still subject to the vesting schedule. The changes will reflect on the points that you earn after this announcement.

Excited about the new Mission Hub structure and playing the many exciting games that we have in the pipeline for you guys? Head to our app today and start earning points!