Climbing the Ranks: A Deep Dive into CLAY Points and the Leaderboard

Discover the intricacies of ClayStack's CLAY point system and Leaderboard Rewards. Learn how to earn and maximize your CLAY points, unlock bonus rewards, and climb the ranks effortlessly.

Climbing the Ranks: A Deep Dive into CLAY Points and the Leaderboard

First, let's understand EigenLayer points before delving into CLAY points. Users can restake any amount of ETH to earn EigenLayer points on ClayStack without any caps.

The CLAY point system provides users with a glimpse of the airdrop post TGE based on two key factors. Firstly, the amount of liquidity deposited by the user, and secondly, the duration of their liquidity holding. Holding liquidity on the platform for an extended period accumulates more points, leading to a higher allocation for the airdrop. Additionally, ongoing events and various opportunities will persistently offer users chances to accumulate CLAY Airdrop Points.

Learn all about the ClayStack ‘CLAY’ reward system, where users can deposit ETH not only to earn staking rewards but also get rewarded with CLAY points.

In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of CLAY Points and Leaderboard, outlining how you can maximize your points and dominate the CLAY leaderboard.

CLAY Base Rate

Alright, let's start with the basics. The Base Rate is the foundation of your CLAY points journey. Currently, set at an exciting 20 CLAY points per ETH per week deposited, this rate can change dynamically with each block based on the total ETH deposits. In simple terms, the more you deposit, the more CLAY points you earn.

Note: The base rate changes every week.

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Weekly Stakers Rate - Bonus

Now, let's talk bonuses! This bonus is directly proportional to the total number of stakers in any given week i.e., all the existing stakers get the additional boost, as more stakers deposit ETH every week. Every week the threshold changes for the maximum boost and remains same for the week.

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Weekly Deposit Rates - Bonus

Hold on, we're not done yet. Enjoy bonus CLAY points based on the collective deposits from all users within the last 7 days. The more activity in the ecosystem, the higher the bonus CLAY rate you receive. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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Bonus CLAY Rewards Rules

  • Base CLAY is continuously accrued with each block.
  • CLAY earned as a bonus will vest in approximately 6 months, based on blocks, and is in addition to the base CLAY.
  • To ensure you receive the full benefits of the bonus CLAY, we recommend waiting until it has fully vested before transferring csETH to another wallet. Transferring csETH to another wallet will result in the loss of any bonus CLAY that has not yet vested. The base CLAY will remain unaffected.
  • Unstaking csETH will also result in the loss of any unvested CLAY.

Dominate the Leadership Board!

Now that you've got the hang of accumulating CLAY points, let's talk about the exciting leaderboard. The leaderboard refreshes every 48 hours and award additional CLAY points to the top 10 participants on the leaderboard.

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Additional Boost for Existing Stakes

In addition to the exciting opportunity to claim a spot on the leaderboard by depositing ETH, we want to highlight an exclusive benefit for our participants. If you already have an existing stake and decide to add more ETH to your deposit, we're thrilled to announce that your entire stake, both old and new, will receive a boost proportionate to your position in the leaderboard (applicable to the top 10 participants)


Let's say you initially deposited 80 ETH and secured a position on the leaderboard. Now, if you decide to increase your stake by adding 20 more ETH, not only does this new deposit count towards your position, but your entire stake, now totaling 100 ETH, will receive an enhanced boost. This unique feature allows our community members to maximize their rewards by strategically managing their stakes. The more frequently you stake and the larger your total stake, the greater the rewards you can earn.

Aim for the summit and reap the benefits!

Leadership Rules

  1. Deposit ETH, and claim spot on the leaderboard.
  2. Get a boosted weekly CLAY/ETH per week, based on your rank on leaderboard.
  3. Each deposit counts for 48hrs, stake frequently to maximize CLAY points.

Get Started

As you navigate through the ClayStack universe, rest assured that the process is designed for maximum user-friendliness. No need for extra steps – ClayStack's contracts autonomously handle the restaking process. Unlike other tokens, csETH remains unlocked, offering flexibility in DeFi protocols while enjoying dual rewards.

Whether you're an existing holder seamlessly transitioning into restaking or a new user eager to start earning upon deposit, ClayStack has you covered. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1 - Visit ClayStack

Step 2 - Connect your wallet

Step 3 - Deposit ETH

Step 4 - Watch your rewards grow!