#ClayStackReborn is HERE!

ClayStack Reborn is HERE! - Staking Redefined

To stand out, you must chase excellence.

This is a common saying behind ClayStack’s doors. In an emerging and competitive industry such as DeFi, this has become ever too crucial. Standing out doesn’t mean just being bold or just building a better product, or just hacking some marketing tactics - it means a combination of all things.

To further enhance our user experience, we are proud to announce the rebirth of ClayStack. New brand identity fuels an exciting new experience for our users.

Welcome aboard.

Prioritizing product, security, and experience

What good is a product if it isn’t secure?

But of what use is security if the experience is subpar?

We believe the product, security, and experience have collectively become the DeFi protocol trilemma. A DeFi protocol can be exceedingly secure, but if it offers a poor experience, then it cannot grow. On the other hand, a protocol can have the most enticing UI but if the product isn’t secure, then it cannot grow. Most protocols end up prioritizing two, and the third one ends up getting compromised.

At ClayStack, however, we think differently.

For us, the product is as critical as its security as the experience we give to our users. Imagine using an iPhone without that classy look and notch - it’s no longer an iPhone! We aim to preserve the name, the brand, the security, and the experience.

An extension of that is our improved state-of-the-art logo - a magnificent tall-standing design that aims to carve its own space within this industry.

Start Staking
Start Staking

The liquid inside symbolizes the vision of unlocked liquidity that ClayStack has been persistently aiming to realize.

Contours and shapes

At the core of everything is the mysterious cube holding the liquid. It speaks of the brand identity that we’ve built so far. It symbolizes your staked assets’ liquidity being secured by the battle-tested and certified architecture that we’ve spent months building. The blades inside the cube represent our users’ ability to build infinite money legos with various other DeFi protocols.

Go ahead and give it a spin and see the magic happen! 😉

Purple paves the way

Colors speak to the soul of individuals. While we’ve been earlier fascinated by some protocol's minimalistic and Sega-game-themed simplistic color palette, we wanted to identify something people would instantly connect with. Liquid staking for us is not just a way to earn some yield, but it’s a critical step ahead for the growth of any PoS network. We wanted to keep our design and look futuristic, while also carving a neat identity for ourselves in the minds of our users.

Violet, Pink, and Teal help do exactly that.

Re-highlighting our vision

Our vision has always been to build a superior and secure product that offers a compelling experience to our users. Today, we get to reemphasize that not just for our community but even for ourselves.

We are backed by leading investors in the industry and have been battle-tested by one of the top security firms…and now we’re proud to share that we have built a unique experience for our users.

This is our humble attempt at diversifying stake across PoS. We’ve always hinted at our focused efforts towards transitioning into a DAO. We’re confident that once we do, we’ll set up parameters that help us take steps towards eliminating stake centralization.

We look forward to receiving your opinion on our new website. Go explore and tell us what you think. And remember, we’re just getting started. 😎

ClayStack is a liquid staking protocol that offers tradeable value-accruing liquid-staked tokens for every token that you deposit. To learn more about how ClayStack works and how the protocol is on a mission to help maximize capital efficiency for its users, check out claystack.com.

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