ClayStack x SSV: Building a Secure Ethereum Liquid Staking!

ClayStack x SSV: Building a Secure Ethereum Liquid Staking!

Welcome to a new era of liquid staking, where decentralization and censorship-resistance become paramount and the overall architecture’s fault tolerance is aggressively increased.

Welcome to a whole new world of Ethereum liquid staking.

What is ClayStack

ClayStack is a permissionless, highly secure, and scalable liquid staking protocol backed by leading investors such as Coinfund, ParaFi, and Coinbase Ventures. One of our strongly pursued missions is to decentralize the Ethereum liquid staking ecosystem and minimize systemic risks associated with that by offering a highly decentralized, secure and scalable liquid staking architecture.

ClayStack has been building in the DeFi space for several years. Our founder, Mohak Agarwal, has been serving the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) industry as a staking-as-a-service provider since before staking was even mainstream! We bring in a lot of technological and financial experience to our product, enabling us to build products that cater to the needs of the ecosystem.

We are centrally aligned with the core ethos of Ethereum, which is true decentralization. As such, we do not intend to encroach on the market for Ethereum staking by aiming to be the only player out there. In other words, we aren’t competing against other players to become the only leading player. In fact, we want to be that player that is highly reliable because of its decentralized and secure liquid staking architecture. One of our core values is to spread awareness on liquid staking and help people understand how it is a fundamental layer for DeFi - both from a technological and a financial perspective.

In pursuit of these goals, we continuously build partnerships with strategic players in the ecosystem who help us get closer to a highly decentralized Ethereum. Our strategic partnership with SSV is a testament to that vision.

Why DVT?

DVT stands for Distributed Validator Technology, which effectively increases the censorship-resistance and fault-tolerance of the underlying network. As the Ethereum LSD landscape has evolved over the past couple months, we have realized that issues relating to centralization have abhorrently increased. We already see the dominance of centralized players who control a majority of the network. We contest that this deeply harms the Ethereum network and leaves it at the hostage of the centralized protocol. Moreover, it also introduces systemic risks that can surface if these centralized players suffer from isolated slashing events, leading to a mass panic-exit of their LSD holders - which further impacts DeFi where those LSDs are being utilized.

Why SSV stands at the forefront of a revolution in the staking landscape, harnessing the power of a mesh network structure. It empowers developers with a streamlined platform for the swift deployment, scaling, and decentralization of their staking applications on Ethereum. Embedded at the heart of is the Distributed Validator (DVT) protocol, a groundbreaking architectural framework designed specifically for Ethereum staking. DVT facilitates the distribution of validator operations across independent operators, leveraging QBFT consensus protocol and threshold signatures. This fosters a secure, robust environment for flawless execution of validator operations.

What’s Next

Are you someone who is running a node (or wants to run a node) for Ethereum and want to help decentralize Ethereum? This is the perfect chance for you to partner with a leading liquid staking protocol and use the novel DVT technology to build a fault-tolerant Ethereum! Sign up to get onboarded as a node operator here.

We're on a good track to onboard a diverse set of geographically-distributed node operators! Keep an eye out for more updates on our Twitter!